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Radio Rental?

October 23, 2007

Witchfinder General

October 23, 2007

I am the Witchfinder and I wander
Through a deceptively tranquil countryside
In which daemons, devils, Lucifer himself reside

I pursue them, they run, they hide
I hunt them down. I am the dark shadow
That hovers over them, wounded, defeated

We hunt in packs – my minions and I
We run them to ground. Young girls, their faces
Smeared with blood and dust. We corner our prey

Respectable farm-girls until the crops failed
And it was that bad harvest that brought them to me
Wild eyes blazing defiantly

They resist but we persist and in the morning
The villagers gather wood for the fire
But I am the one who insists on igniting the pyre.

Software of the Week

October 19, 2007

A truly sumptuous piece of software has just been released by these people:

It is defined as ‘Photoshop for the rest of us’ (i.e. non-graphic designers who can’t afford to shell out over a thousand pound for the real thing.)

A Response to Anon@5.34

October 18, 2007

(See Dancing on Someone’s Grave is One Thing..)
(See Comments section)
To Anonymous at 5:34:
(Because the first was rather curt)

FWIW I have a lot of respect for some of JHL’s views. I wholeheartedly agree with him when he asserts that ‘We (ex-prisoners) are as human as our victims.’ I just find it odd that he extends the right to be viewed as ‘human’ to every single prisoner and ex-prisoner except Felicity Jane Lowde and (maybe in time) The McCanns.

You ask why I am on this woman’s ‘side’. I don’t regard this as a matter of sides. It’s not a game. It’s not a George Bush post 9.11 ‘With us or Against us’ kind of situation. Felicity Jane Lowde certainly wouldn’t think I’m on her side. I believe she has a serious mental illness and needs urgent help. I’ve been in and out of hospital a fair bit and I’ve seen this kind of situation. I even remember someone with very similar delusions to Felicity Jane Lowde – secret services, connections to government figures – all delusions of grandeur. IIRC one of the newer neuroleptics took the edge off her fear. But I could still see the anguish on her face. Her terror terrorised me. I firmly believe that this woman was genuinely afraid – that her inner world had turned into an inner hell. And it’s kind of hard to escape from yourself. But that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sympathy for the victims. After all, it didn’t matter to Rochester whether The First Mrs Rochester was mad or bad. The consequences for Jane Eyre and Rochester were still the same. Mad or bad, she was still dangerous.

I’ve more to write but this is kind of draining.)>


October 15, 2007

When will my body will stop rejecting food.? A perfectly healthy meal wasted because my body thought it was that little possessed girl out of the Exorcist – in that Projectile vomiting scene. And no, I didn’t get to do the coolest bit: my head didn’t spin round.

Burying Someone is One Thing…

October 15, 2007

Dancing on their grave is quite another:

And, yes, I’m posting on this issue again. So, sue me. (Oops maybe I shouldn’t have said that. They probably will.)

In response to this, from Wombat Blogger:

‘Although few have any sympathy with a seriously ill person at the centre of events, the fact is that the pattern of harassment and abuse that is much more serious than some realise, is likely to continue until proper medical help is offered and accepted.’

So, you acknowledge that she is ill? How very charitable of you. Please tell me how all this is supposed to help. I know of no doctor who would reccommend this course of action.

Just one more thing. This little nugget of wisdom was left on Ms. Lowde’s blog by an individual known as ‘Jailhouse Lawyer’. (respected and admired by some of you – I’m told I shouldn’t judge you collectively but I can do little else as I don’t know who you are.):

”Glad to hear that you are homeless. I am sure that men will give you a bed for the night in return for your sexual favours.’

‘So, not only have you lost your head you have lost your house. LOL.’

Do you condemn it?

A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.


The middle class liberal elite, just as vicious and merciless in their way as their working class counterparts who persecute paediatricians because their favourite newspaper tells them to hunt down paedophiles, only worse, much worse because they think they are superior.

Software of the Week…

October 15, 2007

Have You Ever Noticed…

October 7, 2007

…how middle class ‘liberals’ cease to be quite so ‘liberal’ when their own interests are threatened?

This Jeremy Kyle Chap

October 1, 2007

I’ve been hearing rather a lot about him recently. Apparently, he hosts a daytime TV show for people that is like a new human form of bear baiting. Well, being partial to a little of that myself, I casually tuned in (as you do) and very nearly tuned right back out again. However my butler passed me the smelling salts, I steeled myself and carried right on watching. I rang the Queen and asked her if she would be prepared to give me the George Cross for this outstanding act of bravery. She thought about it for a while and then told me to bog off.

To begin with our ‘Jezza‘ presided over the jobless, the feckless, the reckless, the talentless, the tedious, feeding off their inadequacy – smug, supercilious and sneering at the centre of the stage. People have compared him to an American talk show host called Jerry Springer. There is, however, one crucial difference: unlike Kyle, Springer does not pretend to be some well-intentioned social worker out to save the world. Springer knows what he is providing: entertainment and nothing more and he is quite prepared to admit it.

Halfway through Kyle’s minions led a mother and her bulimic daughter onto the stage. The solution they offered to this girl’s mountain of ‘issues’ was to parade a group of real anorectics before her. Then Graham, the show’s psychologist (and now, apparently, ED Specialist) told her that in order to ‘shock her into recovery’ the ‘team’ would take her to a clinic where she could see end-stage anorectics ‘in the flesh.’ The girl on the stage switched off at this point. There was a ‘the lights are on but there’s no one home’ look on her face. What Kyle and his sidekick Graham didn’t seem to realize was that the message they were sending out was not the message that was being received. In her own mind she wasn’t as thin as the other young women being paraded before her were because she was weak. She was just a ‘wannabe’ and I bet she left that show determined that she wouldn’t be one of those for much longer. Such is the twisted thought process of the anorectic. What part of the phrase ‘distorted perception’ doesn’t he understand? Why does Graham, the psychologist seem unfamiliar with the concept of ‘triggering‘? The anorectic’s denial of nourishment is born out of a need for control, about the need for self sufficiency. ‘The fashion industry; and ‘the desire to be glamorous’ do play a role in this but those issues are not at the core of the illness.

As I’m a dedicated follower of fashion I’ll say what many others have elsewhere: that guy should not be allowed within a million miles of anyone remotely vulnerable. Halfway though the show he threw up his hands and said ‘I just don’t get it.’

Well, he got that bit right. Dead right.

Oh, and leave it to a judge to state the freaking obvious.



October 1, 2007

I am merely an object moving through space
Out of place and lacking in grace and you begin
With a disclaimer. You tell me I am essential
But incomplete. You desecrate my disordered dreams
‘Your mother is gone. She died in the night’
No one cried and then the great divide arrived
You only die once, after all. You move in on me
You disagree with my methodology. You disapprove
Of my every move. My words are unheard and undeterred
You detach me from all context and you begin,
Slowly and deliberately, to deconstruct me.

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