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May 28, 2012

ADHD: a middle class disease  psychiatry once respected
now demonised.  anti psychiatry movement. what are they?
poodles? every decade there is a miracle drug.  in the late
nineteenth century there were barbiturates, synthesised
on St. Barbara’s Day by a German chemist.  opiate drugs
had been used as cure alls for centuries.  heroin, many
will be surprised to learn, was synthesized in 1895 by
a pharmaceutical company called Bayer which was later
sythesized asperine.  it was marketed and sold legally for
at least a decade as a safe, non-addictive alternative to
morphine.  it was even considered safe enough to give to
babies.  it was not uncommon for mothers to go to the
local apothecary and ask for a spoonful of laudanum to
put their babies to sleep.  Rather more worrying was the
fact that when gas was piped into their homes they saw
holding their infants over the gas taps.  it made for a good
sedative and occasionally sent their off spring into the
deepest slumber of them all.  and nobody knew and nobody
cared.  the townspeople, sophosticated and all knowing
mocked them.  you lnow why every village has its idiot:
and you’d indulge them, a look of false curiosity and
anticpiation on your face why would that be then?
Why, inbreeding of course, the cause of much of this
world’s problems.  thank God those American GIs arrived
when they did.  to fight on our side.  Oh no, so that
they could spead their seed because, God knows, we
needed it.  joyce was a school friend of Nobby’s,
impregnated by an American GI.  Rather than give
the child up for adoption she entrusted the care of the
child to her parents while she went waltzing around the
world.  she had a penchent for attention seeking.
when the Cambridge rapist was on the loose, she claimed
to have encountered him.  in a world of chivalry, in your
own dream world you probably wouldn’t last five minutes.

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