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To Anonymous at 5:34:
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FWIW I have a lot of respect for some of JHL’s views. I wholeheartedly agree with him when he asserts that ‘We (ex-prisoners) are as human as our victims.’ I just find it odd that he extends the right to be viewed as ‘human’ to every single prisoner and ex-prisoner except Felicity Jane Lowde and (maybe in time) The McCanns.

You ask why I am on this woman’s ‘side’. I don’t regard this as a matter of sides. It’s not a game. It’s not a George Bush post 9.11 ‘With us or Against us’ kind of situation. Felicity Jane Lowde certainly wouldn’t think I’m on her side. I believe she has a serious mental illness and needs urgent help. I’ve been in and out of hospital a fair bit and I’ve seen this kind of situation. I even remember someone with very similar delusions to Felicity Jane Lowde – secret services, connections to government figures – all delusions of grandeur. IIRC one of the newer neuroleptics took the edge off her fear. But I could still see the anguish on her face. Her terror terrorised me. I firmly believe that this woman was genuinely afraid – that her inner world had turned into an inner hell. And it’s kind of hard to escape from yourself. But that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sympathy for the victims. After all, it didn’t matter to Rochester whether The First Mrs Rochester was mad or bad. The consequences for Jane Eyre and Rochester were still the same. Mad or bad, she was still dangerous.

I’ve more to write but this is kind of draining.)>

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  1. David Duff Says:

    “I have a lot of respect for some of JHL’s views”

    I would suggest, diffidently, that that could be a big mistake.


  2. Louise Mills Says:

    Give a stopped clock some credit for being right twice every twenty four hours.

    The words I quoted weren’t his – they were copied and pasted.

    EDIT: But, having researched further, it would appear that you may be right.

    ‘rie & BellaCat


  3. Clairwil Says:

    You’re spot on. He’s a louse. The way certain sections of the liberal blogosphere fawn over him turns my stomach.

    Still it’s the old double standard any woman that commits a crime is ten times as bad as any man who does likewise.

    FJL needed and very likely still needs help. Yes the authorities should deal with her but she deserves our compassion.


  4. Louise Mills Says:

    Yes I’ve noticed that. What’s up with that? I think it’s ideological posturing. In a way Mr. Hirst has my sympathy. He believes they genuinely admire him when they are using him to score political points. I don’t think Hirst is going to be invited to any of their soirées any time soon.

    I suggested in a reply to another poster that a promotion might be in order for Ms. Lowde. She could progress from making death threats to actually carrying them out. After all, Mr Hirst got a book deal out of his little misadventure. But then I remembered – she’s a middle aged women, past child bearing age and thus of no further use to society. (Maybe that’s why no one gives a toss about Mr Hirst’s victim and her daughter). Middle aged men are permitted to be so much more complex. They are allowed to be imperfect.

    FJL is a femimist issue.


  5. Louise Mills Says:

    Sorry that should read:

    FJL is a feminist issue.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    fjl is in her early 40’s. she is not past child-bearing age just yet.


  7. Louise Mills Says:

    Indeed. And she’s not fat either.
    Nor unattractive.
    And she doesn’t have a squint.

    The description some bloggers circulated was just plain bitchy. And very inaccurate.


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