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Another Twist of the Knife

September 7, 2006

This Blog is dying of neglect. T. has not called me about my book of poetry. He made an appointment with and failed to turn up. And to think I was once one of his proteges. To think that he once believed he I had a great future ahead of me. I will ring him tomorrow and demand to know what is going on. Has the Daemon downstairs been busy working his diabolical magic? Yet another reason to despise that guy. ‘You’ll get yours,’ I whisper. The worst thing is he probably won’t. Malevolence and backstabbing get you far in life, apparently.

Binge-eating as well as binge-shopping. Went mad in town – I bought a brown bag with pockets at the front, a glittery notebook and matching pen, an Alice band, a purse and a pocket mirror – all from Accessorise. I moved on to Boots and bought Toni & Guy’s Colour Revive shampoo. And then on to Sisley to buy a top to match my long flowing brown skirt.

I am being forced to see a peculiar beauty in absolute solitude.


September 1, 2006

*Round of applause*

I’m shocked at how willing some people on here are to passively endorse just about every assertion that comes out of that unstoppable propaganda machine known as the media. And these are people who would swear up and down that they are voraciously intellectually curious and yet they sit back like geese being fattened up for foie gras while media moguls and their minions pour propaganda down their throats.

Will they choke on it?
Choke on it?
Choke on it?

Written in response to a contributor who has swallowed hook, line and sinker the revelations contained in The Daily Mail.

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