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An Antidote to….

July 31, 2007

…Pottermania, from the ever acerbic Clive James.

And now for something absolutely delightful. This simply beautiful piece of software: Delicious Library should remind all of those Windows naysayers and drones why ‘MacMania’ is perfectly justifiable. And, if that isn’t convincing enough, try this. Is MacEnvy setting in yet?

The Language of Cats

July 29, 2007

Cat Phrase Meaning

miaow: Feed me.
meeow: Pet me.
mrooww: I love you.
miioo-oo-oo: I am in love and must meet my betrothed outside beneath the hedge. Don’t wait up.
mrow: I feel like making noise.
rrrow-mawww: Please, the time is come to tidy the cat box.
rrrow-miawww: I have remedied the cat box untidiness by shoveling the contents as far out of the box as was practical.
miaowmiaow: Play with me.
miaowmioaw: Have you noticed the shortage of available cat toys in this room?
mioawmioaw: Since I can find nothing better to play with, I shall see what happens when I sharpen my claws on this handy piece of furniture.
raowwwww: I think I shall now spend time licking the most private parts of my anatomy.
mrowwwww: I am now recalling, with sorrow, that some of my private parts did not return with me from that visit to the vet.
roww-maww-roww: I am so glad to see that you have returned home with both arms full of groceries. I will now rub myself against your legs and attempt to trip you as you walk towards the kitchen.
mmeww: I believe I have heard a burglar. If you would like to go and beat him senseless, I shall be happy to keep your spot in the bed warm.
gakk-ak-ak: My digestive passages seem to have formed a hairball. Wherever could this have come from? I shall leave it here upon the carpeting.
mow: Snuggling is a good idea.
moww: Shedding is pretty good, too.
mowww!: I was enjoying snuggling and shedding in this warm clean laundry until you removed me so unkindly.
miaow! miaow!: I have discovered that, although one may be able to wedge his body through the gap behind the stove and into that little drawer filled with pots and pans, the reverse path is slightly more difficult to navigate.
mraakk!: Oh, small bird! Please come over here.
ssssroww!: I believe that I have found a woodchuck. I shall now act terribly brave.
mmmmmmm: If I sit in the sunshine for another week or so, I think I shall be satisfied.
mreoaw: Please ask room service to send up another can of tuna fish.
mreeeow: Do you serve catnip with that?
mroow: I have forced my body into a tiny space in order to look cute. How am I doing?
miaooww! mriaow!: Since you are using the can opener, I am certain that you understand the value of a well-fed and pampered cat. Please continue.

From feline to canine: I hope the doggy in this story will be okay.

A father of two? Now, that is depressing!

Turn Again Boris

July 28, 2007

So, what do you think? Can he be both delectable and electable?

Website Of The…

July 28, 2007

Millennium. Not least because it mentions Little Modest Old Me:

Spin off site:

although I’m not sure I like the implication that the art created by its participants is engendered primarily by their mental health problems. Madness = genius is a tired old Cliché in my oh so very humble opinion. I am also disturbed by the ‘psychological ghetto’ this mindset almost invariably leads to. No one should be defined solely by their illness and this includes the mentally ill.

By the way PC Copperfield, none of them eat newspapers. Credit where credit is due though in the chapter entitled ‘Proper Crackers’ he did portray the issue of mental illness in both a compassionate and empathetic way. He wrote the following about a man suffering from a severe mental illness:

‘Imagine thinking your family is at terrible risk and no one believing you. Just because they weren’t didn’t make Bill’s agonies and fears any more bearable’ (Wasting Police Time, p. 219)

With these words PC Copperfield displays more empathy than many psychiatric nurses manage to conjure up in a lifetime.

Oh Dear

July 26, 2007

Page 171:

‘I always know I’m in a council property because:

a) They have a kind of fuggy, overpowering warmth that you only get if you’re not paying the heating bill; and
b) there’s always a massive plasma TV in the corner of the room with SKY+ always on’

Of course, it’s a well known fact that all council tenants are clones of one another and so are their houses, unlike the sophisticated middle Englanders PC Copperfield seems to identify with and respect. A full review of PC Copperfield’s (PC? Haven’t you made it to sergeant yet?) little effort will grace these pages soon.

Verdict so far: Theodore Dalrymple without the extensive vocabulary.

Software of the Week: Artrage.

Online To Do list of the Week: Remember the Milk

Also check out 37 Signals Tada

Breaking News: BellaCat is unwell. The vet will make a home visiit tomorrow. I dread losing her – she is 17. Old for a cat but too young for me. And still no news about my father only that he is in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes having lost a quarter of his body weight. He is 62. Still young in the eyes of many. Something or someone has unleashed the fury of a tropical storm.

I feel compelled to add that this cast is not listed in order of importance but rather in order of appearance.

Summer Flower

July 24, 2007

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Summer Flower, originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

Très Vrai

July 24, 2007

Scroll down:

But the Jerusalem Post tells us:

Three sisters were found stabbed to death in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, raising suspicion they were killed by relatives because of suspected immoral behavior, a human rights organization said. The three sisters, 16-year-old Nahed Hija and her sisters, 19-year-old Suha and 22-year-old Lina, were found dead from multiple stab wounds, buried in a shallow grave in the central Gaza Strip early Sunday morning, said Hamdi Shakkour of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

But of course that’s not violence because the Israelis weren’t involved.


July 22, 2007

If you attempt to dismember me
I will not sit passively
I’ll sharpen my tongue
I’ll sever the cord
That restrains my song.
You flay then slay the beast
On which we feast
We dine with the priest
From whom festivities flow.
‘Til we bite into his heart
And no guest moves
They glance at the clock
Make their excuses and go.

Publish and Be Damned

July 22, 2007

Just another point. Ms North, you asserted: ‘As to whether she is mentally ill, I just don’t know. The court didn’t seem to think so.’ The Courts? You mean the District Judge. Well, this may astound you but district judges are neither omniscient nor infallible, nor are they mental health professionals. Neither, for that matter, are the prison officers whose job it was to observe Lowde. Many mentally ill women are left to languish in gaol because the system simply is not equipped to deal with them. The ‘special hospitals’ are designed to deal primarily with male offenders. The fact that the District Judge chose not to take psychiatric reports into account says more about the lack of care available for mentally ill women than it does about the state of Ms Lowde’s mental health. See, the personal really *is* political, even more often than *you’d* think.

BTW, if Ms Lowde doesn’t suffer from any kind of mental illness does that mean she has been libelled by the many bloggers who asserted that she was? And do you condone or condemn the prejudice they exhibited towards the mentally ill during the course of their ‘battle’ to bring Ms Lowde to ‘justice’. You may detach yourself from such comments but the fact that you failed to condemn them speaks volumes.

Scully & Moi

July 22, 2007

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