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July 23, 2015


Shire Horses

July 4, 2015

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Tuning In

July 1, 2015

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The Birds II

April 30, 2015

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Narcissism and Nostalgia

March 21, 2015

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Lyrics to Used to be a City:

David Rovics

I was young once, it was a long time ago
Things were different then, I thought that you should know
This old building was once a factory
We made Stetsons, your grandpa and me
It wasn’t easy, but at least life was going down;
There used to be a city in this town

This rusted railyard had a hotel and a couple of stores
We had good times here between the wars
It wasn’t paradise but there was music in the street
Right there is where your grandparents first had a chance to meet
They got married in that church, I can still see her wedding gown;
There used to be a city in this town

When the change came, it started one by one:
First the layoffs, then the factory was gone,
Then came the highways, the suburbs and Wal-Mart;
That was the final blow that tore this place apart
But it seems like just last year when there were people all around;
There used to be a city in this town

The census says there’s people here but I think someone’s confused
Just look out at these sidewalks, they’re not being used
You know when a city dies, it doesn’t die with grace
It just becomes a ruin, shouting this was once the place
Guess it’s time to leave, but I don’t know where I’d be bound;
There used to be a city in this town

Feline Intervention?

March 13, 2015


Forgetting many things but most of all myself

March 2, 2015




It’s Worse than We Thought. They Have Lolcats!

January 27, 2015

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January 22, 2015


Codename Lisette

January 15, 2015


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