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March 31, 2006

Somebody had the audacity to call my cat ‘dehydrated and scruffy’. Well, she is sixteen – one hundred and twelve in ‘cat years’. Damn cheek *scowl*. I had to defend her though. Insult my cat, insult me…at your peril. Pistols at dawn, anyone?

They Say

March 29, 2006

Some say
Contentment is a fool’s emotion
Empty days pass

Others say
That only the grave brings serenity
The gravedigger hovers

And many say
That only slavery
Brings security

And then there are those
Who burst onto the scene
Blooming like summer roses
Pleading for liberty


March 29, 2006

My kitchen has been refurbished.

A forum to which I regularly ‘contribute’ (although some might question that) has a thread entitled ‘What are you listening to?’ Hmmm, well for most of last week I was listening to the delightful sound of drills and chainsaws. My flat felt like it was no longer my own. Every room, apart from my bedroom was a building site full of big, strapping Polish men who were impeccably polite. Bella the Cat was confined to my bedroom, curled up on the pillow, oblivious to it all. The interior designer persuaded me to have pale violet walls and floor tiles – pics to come. I capitulated. After all she is the expert (X being an unknown quantity and spurt being a sudden forcible gush or jet ;-))

Bella – Close Up

March 20, 2006

Bella – Close Up
Originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

And personal…


March 20, 2006

On the edge
Dancing on broken glass
Ideas too pale
Too insipid
To be mine

And so we dance
Adored and applauded
By our audience
The stage is ours
We waste precious hours
Entertaining strangers

Who clamour
For the kind of glamour
That we provide
But they will never know
That we are both dead inside

Why is it…

March 20, 2006

that I still feel compelled to post the following to online fora:

R.E: Self-Harm (Copying and pasting from a post I contributed to another forum. It’s not possible to plagiarise oneself).

4 things we need to take into consideration

1. A teenager may not have developed sufficiently to articulate complex emotions
2. lack of medical/anatomical knowledge so that they may genuinely believe that what you and I can see is a ‘superficial’ wound/injury is fatal.
3. they may be acting out trauma/abuse that they cannot/are afraid to
4. And finally, it may indeed be an attention seeking ploy but the question needs to be asked: why do they feel that they need attention. Surely attention is a basic human need, nourishment for the spirit. Why then is it regarded as so ‘unnatural’ to seek it?

It makes no difference anyway.

Finally Opened

March 14, 2006

Finally Opened
Originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

With the cover still on. A virgin Mac – about to be deflowered.


March 14, 2006

Singing in Sunday school
Daemon brats, hovering
On the line between
Heaven and hell
Cowering, beneath the birch
For this is all that they deserve
‘A burden on the parish’
From the moment they were born.


March 14, 2006

At last – I have converted – well, not quite. It does feel a little like changing religions though. My G4 MacBook arrived last Wednesday. It is most certainly a beautiful little machine. Style over content. I now have four lappies and one desktop – each with a different OS and yet linked by a Belkin router – Linux Mandrake, Win 98, Win XP and now OSX. Never say I am not diverse. The next purchase will be a Mac Mini. Off to listen to the latest edition of MacCast (a little too evangelical for my taste.)

Cat in the Window

March 9, 2006

Originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

Gazing at the world beyond the glass…gazed over…like my eyes

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