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The Rage Against God

March 22, 2012

Gotta Love the Daily Mail…

March 19, 2012


Shrinks in the news   For the concept of  collective guilt to have any validity it has to be  applied universally.*

The very mention of this newsworthy issue makes me a ‘monomaniac’ in some people’s eyes:   I would be the last person to stand in the way of people who are making an effort to correct the deficiencies in their education but I would suggest that while the use of random polysyllabic words can be impressive, it would be even more impressive if you familiarised yourselves with their meaning.

*Addendum: They’re not too fond of geriatricians/gerontologists either.  And if even a fraction of this is true then I’m not sure I blame them.

On the Trial of Ruth Ellis

March 18, 2012

The French newspaper Le Monde commented at the time of the trial: ‘English law does not at the moment recognize any intermediate stage between the rational and balanced being who kills in perfect awareness of what he is doing and the total lunatic who is not conscious of his own acts. As everyone knows, the Englishman is – or believes himself to be – a creature of sang-froid, and the legal system in force supports this fiction.’ (Cited in Marks and van den Bergh, op. cit., 134).

A Study in Succinctness

March 17, 2012

On Planet False Dichotomy there is no such thing as the golden mean.

And the newspaper columnist is king.

Hyperbolic contrasts:

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