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Moi Aussi

July 25, 2006

No, I don’t sound or look terribly good. But then that was never my aim. All weekend I listened as my neighbour upstairs threw her belongings out of the window. I rang NHS Direct but to no avail. On Monday I spent the morning in town and then I visited my GP to collect my medication. When I returned a neighbour (I shall not name him) informed me that The First Mrs Rochester had been taken away in an ambulance. The health authorities here are not proactive. They are reactive. They seem to be unfamiliar with that old notion: an ounce of prevention is better that a pound of cure..oh, and it costs less too.

On Tuesday I heard her – moving about above. They’d let her out already. I ran upstairs. I picked the smallest voice recorder in the known universe and clipped it to the lapel of my black cardigan. But what I was confronted with when I knocked her door was not what I was expecting A tall, endlessly tall blonde haired guy. And what you can hear in the link followed.

That is my insurance. I’ll wager its more reliable that the insurance Royal and Sun Alliance offers.

Where does sympathy for others end and the need for self preservation begin?


July 19, 2006

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New Toy…

The Perfect Timekeeper

July 19, 2006

I am ineffectual. The planet shifts beneath me
diligent, the perfect timekeeper spiralling though space
Onwards it travels; the past is discarded

But we still snatch at it
Tracing the patterns the stars make
In the dark skies above

Their cold perfection paralyses us
They diminish us. They eclipse us
Remote celestial bodies sneering

They mock us. They know us.
But those silver stars are enigmas
That govern our lives

And in the end they slay us
They betray us. They force us to confront
The futility of the planet that nurtured us

July 19, 2006

I am not ashamed to admit that I am afraid. Even though I have no right to be. I am spending hours on my new PSP. Wasted hours. Hours that could be spent doing something productive. Hours that could be spent rooted in a reality. And I need – yes, I need – an Ipod. How did I become so shamelessly materialistic?

My mother gave me an early birthday present – a new bed with a soft mattress and a purple bedstead. It took the delivery men almost an hour to assemble it. ‘A young lady like you should have a man to do this for you,’ one of them said.

Insulted? Flattered? I think, for once, I’ll opt for the latter.

And the debts keep accumulating.

The Dark Ones Duplicated

July 11, 2006

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Two Young Supermodels Pouting

The Sea, the Sky, the Shore

July 6, 2006

Azure sky
Disturbed waters
The sun retreats
A smell a storm coming
This is the reckoning
I stand beneath watchful gargoyles
And the mystery of the Trinity
Bewilders and beguiles me
The grotesqueries of the academy
Testify to al all-encompassing elite

I am a burning candle
I am almost annihilated
By my own flame
But my light continues to burn
This is my atonement, Thas is my salvation
And the kaleidoscope rotates around me
I spill my blood willingly
We shore up the battlements
For these are the things
That have divided nations.

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