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Burying Someone is One Thing…

October 15, 2007

Dancing on their grave is quite another:

And, yes, I’m posting on this issue again. So, sue me. (Oops maybe I shouldn’t have said that. They probably will.)

In response to this, from Wombat Blogger:

‘Although few have any sympathy with a seriously ill person at the centre of events, the fact is that the pattern of harassment and abuse that is much more serious than some realise, is likely to continue until proper medical help is offered and accepted.’

So, you acknowledge that she is ill? How very charitable of you. Please tell me how all this is supposed to help. I know of no doctor who would reccommend this course of action.

Just one more thing. This little nugget of wisdom was left on Ms. Lowde’s blog by an individual known as ‘Jailhouse Lawyer’. (respected and admired by some of you – I’m told I shouldn’t judge you collectively but I can do little else as I don’t know who you are.):

”Glad to hear that you are homeless. I am sure that men will give you a bed for the night in return for your sexual favours.’

‘So, not only have you lost your head you have lost your house. LOL.’

Do you condemn it?

A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.


The middle class liberal elite, just as vicious and merciless in their way as their working class counterparts who persecute paediatricians because their favourite newspaper tells them to hunt down paedophiles, only worse, much worse because they think they are superior.

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