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There You Go…

August 24, 2015




October 1, 2014



March 9, 2014


Second Literary Recommendation of the Year:

January 6, 2013


First Literary Recommendation of the Year

January 2, 2013

First Literary Recommendation of the Year


October 26, 2010

A final, burning denunciation
Immense wisdom versus
A militant and muscular resistance
A song ascends the valley wall
Singing of afternoons spent in seclusion
In the chapel garden. In the morning
And in the evening phantom gypsies cry
Sending sorrowful messages
Into a smoke-choked sky
This is a war without end

And the unformed ones they speak,
They write correctly
Everything is standardised
Until the sudden, shocking
Rush of blood. Negotiations falter
The radio crackles and beeps
And the girl won’t stop screaming
Long haired and mired in mud
The soldiers stand idly by
And casually they watch her die

This is the natural order
And these are the facts

Off To Sea

October 23, 2010

Courtship is a chore for you
You do not care for the chase
Why are you still unmarried, they say
It does not occur to them
That you prefer it that way

For you are so strikingly handsome
But this is your narrative
This is your history
You declare you are off to sea
You are to join the merchant navy

And you determine that it will be
A momentous voyage of discovery
And your future is sacrificed
To this single objective
You are enslaved to wanderlust

And although romance does not appeal
You are pursued by the harlot, the strumpet,
The shrew. Willingly devoid of a sweetheart
You poke at the embers of a dying fire
And, even in sleep they torment you

Those silent shadows stalk you
From sunup to sundown
Will they ever leave you be?
And, at the moment of your departure
They step silently out of the frame

A smiling sailor sends pictures home
The rigging forms a membrane
And the fierce sea shelters you
And at each hiss, at each roar
Your spirit swells, your spirit soars

The ragged rocks of nightmare
Only serve to strengthen your resolve
For you have comrades now
And together you thrive, you strive
To keep the chaos at bay

Blood Red Years

September 29, 2010

Blood Red Years

The blood red years
Contained losses many time larger than me
I backtrack as a balloon floats into the sky
And pops against the surface of the sun
And believe please only this

That angel’s wings sprouted from my shoulders
For that is what they are for. Isn’t it?
Isn’t it? I lie alone like a stone in the middle of the road
I shake the hand of life. You liar, you thief!
As grey as my eyes, as grey as the sky.

A bird’s eye view for those of you who die before dawn
Embracing cardiac arrests. Will you find me alive in the morning?
A promised land is snatched away. Illusory?
Oh, yes, most certainly. It is. It always was.
And it always will be.

Amidst the Debris

September 28, 2010

In the cellar of some bombed out building, we wait
Detached only half willingly from the wider world
Amidst a snowstorm of desiccated icing where once
There was an underground eatery. We sit passively
Waiting for rescue. Still and silent as fossils
On proud display in an abandoned museum
And the fixed grin and the suppressed hysteria
Of the Air Raid Warden silences me, eradicates me
We are entombed, it would seem, and these stone walls
Unyielding. The end is approaching, we know that now

We have grown accustomed to the dark
And the one we call Mother Midnight sings us to sleep
She touches us, she caresses us, she clasps our hands
She is leading us to another land, to a place devoid
Of land mines, of bombs, of air raid shelters
There is something wondrous about this woman
She shimmers in the blackness. ‘No one will come now’
She says and wrenches our spirits from our earthly bodies
And leads us through the crevices in the stone
Up through the coal-choked air and up into a clear sky


July 26, 2010


Disturbed by the desolation
Angled, incongruous, always precarious
The sky is unrefined, wild
And we worship it
The natives of this land
Discuss pre-war delicacies
And split girders outline
Anticipation of crumbling granite

There is a kind of dignity
In this display, in this decay
Citadels collapse, entire epochs vanish
At this moment opulent arrangements
Of steel birds descend
Astounding winged instruments
That stretch the webbing
Of the etiquette that constrains the hurricane
With such ruin inflicted upon this destitute nation
There is no serene ritual to repair the annihilation

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