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August 26, 2006

Originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

Me, I’m a part of your circle of friends
And we notice you don’t come around
And me, I think it all depends on you
Touching ground with us

I quit. I give up.
Nothing’s good enough for anybody else
It seems

Everything is temporary anyway
When the streets are wet
The colours slip into the sky
But I don’t know why
I don’t know why
That means you and I
That means you and I

Edie Brickell

Pale Planet Descending

August 25, 2006

I compose an ode to this euphoria
Desolation inside out, upside down
So bright, so bright it keeps me up
All night and I am blinded by its light
I dazzles everything around, illuminating
The lost and found. In flight it hurts
It tunnels through my skull

And draws the onlookers; the voyeurs
It penetrates flesh and crushes bone
It unifies. It takes me home
But inside I die, inside I cry
This inner world is a lonely region
A pale planet descending
A rotating cataclysmic ball

It falls to the floor; it breaks
Blood spills out and I ache
The melody escapes and the watchers
They awake. They dance in time
To this summertime rhyme
I have cut through this bovine throng
Like a silver and deadly sword

All Cried Out

August 24, 2006

It was my birthday earlier this month. I went ‘home’. Food issues came up because, although I hardly ate anything during the day (‘Only eat what people give you’ is my motto which is very handy because usually I live alone and the only other creature in my flat is Bella and, strange as it may seem, I am not too keen on decomposing mice or mashed-up spiders) but I went out for a meal every night.

I was in consumer heaven. I received an Estee Lauder gift box from my brother and his girlfriend, Louise. My parents gave me an IPod Video (Black, 30 gbs). Now I have been given what I said I’d never purchase myself. A guy in work takes great pleasure in making sheep noises whenever he passes be because I declared (about three years ago) that I would be reluctant to buy an IPod and I never broke my word. My IPod is a gift and it would be churlish to complain.

On Sunday, Mother and I paid a visit to Petet and Louise’s new home. They took us out for a meal. Louise has long blond hair and laughing eyes. She is a primary school teacher. I came away feeling like the eccenctic spinster cat lady.

Good news: Have lost weight without trying. My mother’s colleague, Chris, pointed it out. And she’s not one for lavishing praise on people. Hot meals speed up the metabolism, apparently.

A final point: Does this upset and disturb anyone else? Two perefectly ordinary men who just happened to have slightly differing pigmentation from others on the aeroplane and were ‘singled out for special treatment because of it’. I’ll deal with this in more detail tomorow…when I have stopped shaking my head in disbelief.

The Rain Has Gone

August 8, 2006

Originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

Something Seethes

August 8, 2006

Something seethes within me
Those silhouettes, those shapes
Writhe in the darkness
Like snakes uncoiled and inside
Everything divides. I retreat
I will never be complete
Damned, destroyed by the void.

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