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Kitchen 2

April 30, 2006

Kitchen 1
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No premeditation

April 30, 2006

Looking through glazed over
Bakery windows. My breath clouds
The curved glass. Silently salivating
Over chocolate chip cookies. But my needs
Remain unacknowledged, suppressed.
My hunger rises up, sending
An urgent message to my stomach
And, suddenly, I lurch forward
Into the shop, seizing everything I can
‘There was no premeditation,’ the court is told.


April 30, 2006

….browsing in preparation for future 80,000 word dissertation. In bed with iBook and Bella tha Cat and writing angry emails to the ever charming Charlie Wolf:

I doubt Viktor Frankl was familiar with the term ‘chav’. I’m surprised you are. How much time have you spent on council estates? I lived on one from age 5-9 and never encountered much unpleasantness. However, at uni, I encountered the kind of behaviour you attributed to John Prescott – only from ex-public schoolboys. So much for class, huh. And I won’t even mention what I’ve heard about the behaviour of ‘frat boys’ in the US from my American friends. Were YOU a ‘frat boy’, Charlie?

You really had to be there. Off to listen to BBC7.

New Kitchen 1

April 18, 2006

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The Silent Soothsayer

April 18, 2006

I see an army on the march
Those generals believe they are marching to victory
And who am I to disillusion them?

My vision is a cleaver that could, with one blow,
Slice their monumental heart in two
But I keep silent, my red mouth firmly sealed

There will be no revelations from me
There will be no reverberations. I watch
As they head East, ready to slay the beast

I am curled up, in the branches
Of this old oak tree. It conceals me
This is nothing but a spectacle to me

Let them have their empire
Let them have their moment
At the centre of the stage

For I know, I am certain
That all this will be over
Soon enough and the curtain
Will fall upon them
And they will never rise again

Only Connect

April 17, 2006

‘Only Connect’ Alienation and Reconciliation: An Analysis of the portratrayal of Race Relations in the works of EM Forster and Rudyard Kipling. Title of undergraduate dissertation I dug out. Made me have a look at my MPhil Dissertation: A Comparison of the Representation of Women in the Works of Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton and Adrienne Rich’. (That was for American Lit btw). Am on chapter twenty of novel. Perhaps next year I will finally, finally, finally get to complete my MA in Creative Writing at UEA – funding council permitting.

Watching The Office reminds me of the many reasons I have for choosing freelance over regular employment.

Easter was a none-event. I chose not to go home. Could not face all that chocolate.

The Gardener

April 13, 2006

03 April 2006 (6)
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Budding Bright

April 13, 2006

Tulips – Budding bright
On the green – bursting
Through the night
How do they survive?
How do they thrive?
Beyond the walls
Of this institution
The world spins
And passion seeps in.

April 13, 2006

What is it about medics?

Why are they so supercilious, brutal, sarcastic? I know: unfounded generalisation. Many of them appear to be mythomanes as well.

And scarily narcissistic. I’ve probably upset a lot of people. I’ll get my coat.

Beyond the Grille

April 6, 2006

30 March 2006 (2)
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