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We Are Doomed

December 6, 2012

Is it the fault of politics?


The legal profession, as some latter day witchfinders would have us believe?

Sorry, nope


Probably: ‘Psychiatry is probably the single most destructive force that has affected American Society within the last fifty years,” Dr Thomas Szasz, Lifetime Fellow, American Psychiatric Association (APA).


R.I.P. Thomas Szasz

September 24, 2012

Courtesy of This Week In Mentalists

With a caveat: Thomas Szasz (Szász Tamás István (born 1920, Budapest), Jewish Hungarian-American psychiatrist and academic) didn’t like the label ‘anti-psychiatry’ and could not stand R.D. Laing: he makes this clear in Anti-Psychiatry: Quackery Squared. He claimed that the label was assigned to him in order to discredit him. Just an FYI.

Szasz states unequivocally in Anti-Psychiatry, Quackery-Squared that he could not identify with the so-called Anti-Psychiatry Movement.  He even disputes its legitimacy as a movement.  He believes that the psychiatric establishment have portrayed him as being an integral part of this so-called movement to discredit him.  Another trick was to smear him as a ‘leftist’ when he was, in fact a right-leaning libertarian who believed passionately in the concept of personal responsibility.

By the by, Szasz was a real scientist, a physics major, who graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1941.

Maybe it’s time for a ‘Book Binge‘.

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