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Sketch: Leaving

March 30, 2014


The Frog King

November 3, 2010

The old queen said
To her beautiful daughter
You must marry the frog king
Across the water
For she knew that fondness
Could be taken to excess
But it was love that caused
The most distress
And so she was despatched
By steamship to a far off land
And was delivered into the hands
Of her future bridegroom
On her wedding day
She rose before dawn
She was given gold and jewels
And a fine diamond-studded gown
She was so beautiful, they say,
That she eclipsed the sun
She was the girl with the golden eyes
They mesmerise
She promised her prince
That she would be there for him
In peace and in war
They would sit side by side
On their thrones
Worshipped by peasants
And ancient crones
Until one of death’s minions
Snatched him from her.

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