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Predatory Guardians

August 23, 2014

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May 11, 2014

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Something Elegant

February 11, 2010

There is something elegant
about overhanging trees
Arched over the millpond
with its stone statue at the centre
A great grey lion in a predatory pose,
hunched forward, A mute witness
to a multitude of courtships. Captured
in a camera flash are those who venture out
For those who surged through the water,
heading towards the centre

To that monument on the miniature island
It is an irresistible attraction
For the occasional
sweethearts who make love beneath
the unseeing eye of the beast
But they are a part of this flawed garden.
In dreams they conjured up this landscape
The air is thick with morning fog
And lovers lie side by side
There is no time for compromise

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