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October 7, 2009


I approached the subject of Lifecraft with Nobby.  I wanted to know of he thought I should start attending Lifecraft again – Tom’s creative writing group.  Nobby got really angry and told me that the Pseudo Messiah is running the whole show.  Huh?  The last I’d heard he’d been banned.  Still three years is a long time on the mental health circuit in this city.  An epoch in fact.  Its members are a fickle lot.  But if I’m honest with myself I’ve always known that.  It is strange that his name isn’t mentioned on the Lifecraft website though. Maybe Nobby got his wires crossed. Chinese whispers are nearly always inaccurate. In this case I fervently hope they are.

Addendum: Rang Tom (my mentor) who says that the pseudo messiah has not darkened the doors of the Creative Writing Group for at least a year. One less worry although I’m sure there will be many more.

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