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Kingdom of Cold Hands

December 12, 2012



The Kingdom of Cold Hands

Wintertime: warm breath in frigid air
Dog walking weather

No objections here.  The animal strains
On his  leash, beneath trees

Bare and stooped, some crooked and crippled
Trapped in a state of advanced decay

Green to grey as the year marches onward
I inhale.  There are ice crystals in the air.

Tendrils of smoke from every chimney
Becoming a part of the season’s steady breath

Using our kindness for kindling
We make a fire and gather round

Some speculate that the shrieking wind
Is the disapproving voice of the almighty

For winter is charming and disarming
And throughout this season wise witches

Escape from the pages of fairy tales
And wander freely through the forest


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