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The Queen and the Great Revolution

September 28, 2007

Little empires crumbled
Miniature kingdoms toppled
As the princess became a queen
And men knelt, grovelling
At the feet of this new matriarch
She loved no one but herself
The peasants that lined the roads
Were but money-making machines
Fairy tale figures – Snow White,
Rose Red and Little Red Riding Hood
So pure, so soft, so good
To be trodden underfoot

They threw flowers at the motorcade
A rainstorm of roses aimed at that princess
Her feelings were suppressed
By vodka, vodka, vodka
‘She is an angel,’ they said
But that was long before
The Great Revolution
When this new Queen dreamed
Of cutting out the tongues
Of rabid republicans
Now she is still the centre of attention
She is still the star of the show.

But she is not adored anymore
And up in that dock she can smell
Her own blood, her own death
And those who once revelled in her grace
Will dance jubilantly,
Madly, on her grave.

It’s not the band we hate…

September 19, 2007

It’s their fans.

In response to this:

Don’t get too complacent. I’ve seen exactly the same behaviour by your compatriots on Usenet. But yes – these people are slightly deranged. Some of them actually believe that denigrating someone over the internet is more reprehensible than battering an old lady to death with an axe. Strange days indeed.

I recall one particular case in which the ‘culprit’ was a guy from Madison County, Wisconsin. However, I do not remember anyone criticising his physical appearance or suggesting that part of his rehabilitation should consist of performing sexual favours for the opposite sex.

I can’t imagine why that could be.

Can you?

Publish and Be Damned

July 22, 2007

Just another point. Ms North, you asserted: ‘As to whether she is mentally ill, I just don’t know. The court didn’t seem to think so.’ The Courts? You mean the District Judge. Well, this may astound you but district judges are neither omniscient nor infallible, nor are they mental health professionals. Neither, for that matter, are the prison officers whose job it was to observe Lowde. Many mentally ill women are left to languish in gaol because the system simply is not equipped to deal with them. The ‘special hospitals’ are designed to deal primarily with male offenders. The fact that the District Judge chose not to take psychiatric reports into account says more about the lack of care available for mentally ill women than it does about the state of Ms Lowde’s mental health. See, the personal really *is* political, even more often than *you’d* think.

BTW, if Ms Lowde doesn’t suffer from any kind of mental illness does that mean she has been libelled by the many bloggers who asserted that she was? And do you condone or condemn the prejudice they exhibited towards the mentally ill during the course of their ‘battle’ to bring Ms Lowde to ‘justice’. You may detach yourself from such comments but the fact that you failed to condemn them speaks volumes.

I am the Witch

February 6, 2007

I am the witch
You all want to burn
For it is in me
You see your impurity
I am the mirror
That reflects you
You smash me to pieces
Into inconsequential parts
You tell me I have no soul
You tell me I have no heart

Once the stars were just eyes
Blinking in the blackest of skies
I revered those magnificent
Celestial bodies. Their positions fixed
So rigidly and, like the magpie
I was drawn to glittering things
They gazed upon me so smugly
Yet still I yearned to be
One of them, part of that posse
Partying up there in space

Among those two-dimensional
Paper-thin women, sneering
Rouged lips curving upwards
Dressed in fox-fur stoles
And silently, they mocked me
Until earthly gurus transformed me
Into a most alluring commodity
I became a supernova, untouchable
Slaying those silver stars
I became one of the higher angels

But I was only a puppet
They tugged on my strings
I did not feel those threads unravelling
Until I was falling, falling
This was my spectacular death
‘The Diva is dead,’ they said
As they danced on my remains
The hierarchy reasserts itself
‘We nuked her. Didn’t we, didn’t we?
She is gone, Hasn’t she, hasn’t she?

I did not ask for this
But once I had it I could not
Relinquish it. I am their enemy
And they annihilate me
But I only played the role
Assigned to me. I am lost
Devoid of energy. I am eclipsed
I cannot recreate myself
They strip me of the skin I’m in
And I am truly untouchable now.

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