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It’s not the band we hate…

September 19, 2007

It’s their fans.

In response to this:

Don’t get too complacent. I’ve seen exactly the same behaviour by your compatriots on Usenet. But yes – these people are slightly deranged. Some of them actually believe that denigrating someone over the internet is more reprehensible than battering an old lady to death with an axe. Strange days indeed.

I recall one particular case in which the ‘culprit’ was a guy from Madison County, Wisconsin. However, I do not remember anyone criticising his physical appearance or suggesting that part of his rehabilitation should consist of performing sexual favours for the opposite sex.

I can’t imagine why that could be.

Can you?


September 14, 2007

Commodity Fetishism. Note to Apple Evangelists: Steve Jobs is not God. I know because Richard Dawkins told me. In fact, that’s the title of his next book. And Bill Gates is not Satan. Get it?

A little online temper tantrum in response to some spoilt little brat who said that she would never date a shelf stacker:

I find it shallow. Shallow and thoroughly unpleasant. You are aware, I’m sure, that there are many reason that individuals may end up in the situation you describe. As it happens I have a friend who is, at this moment, stacking shelves. He developed schizophrenia in his mid-twenties. He has a first class degree from a rather prestigious university. Ask (deleted) or one of the other medics just how difficult it is to sustain a successful career and remain on a high dose of neuroleptics. You may well be academically brilliant but you need to work on acquiring an imagination and a capacity for empathy.

Oh, and how’s this for the very epitome of the Karpman Drama Triangle: Victim/Perpetrator/Rescuer? Each playing their alloted roles. Balding middle-aged men on white horses, anyone? No, it doesn’t appeal to me much either.

The blogger makes a good point about rampant, untamed typography.

Gott im Himmel…

August 26, 2007

does it ever end?

Stolen Car
Beth Orton

You walked into my house last night
I couldn’t help but notice
A light that was long gone still burning strong
You were sitting
Your fingers like fuses
Your eyes were cinnamon

You said you stand for every known abuse
That was ever threatened to anyone but you
And why should I know better by now
When I’m old enough not to?

While every line speaks the language of love
It never held the meaning I was thinking of
And I can’t decide over right or wrong
I guess sometimes you need the place where you belong

Some may sing the wrong words to the wrong melody
It’s little things like this that matter to me
Others feel that you should stand
For every known abuse to hand
And all the things that they could never see

You said you stood
For every known abuse that was promised to anyone like you
Don’t you wish you knew better by now
When you’re old enough not to?

When every line speaks the language of love
And never held the meaning I was thinking of
And I can’t decide over right or wrong
You left the feeling that I just do not belong

One drink too many
And a joke gone too far
I see a face driving a stolen car
Gets harder to hide
When you’re hitching a ride
Harder to hide what you really saw

Oh, yeah, you stand
For every known abuse that I’ve ever seen my way through
Don’t I wish I knew better by now?
Well I think I’m starting to

When every line speaks the language of love
And never held the meaning I was thinking of
And I’ve lost the line between right or wrong
I just want to find the place where I belong
Why should you know better by now
When you’re old enough not to?
I wish I knew better by now
When I’m old enough not to

Beth Orton Stolen Car lyrics
Courtesy of

Publish and Be Damned

July 22, 2007

Just another point. Ms North, you asserted: ‘As to whether she is mentally ill, I just don’t know. The court didn’t seem to think so.’ The Courts? You mean the District Judge. Well, this may astound you but district judges are neither omniscient nor infallible, nor are they mental health professionals. Neither, for that matter, are the prison officers whose job it was to observe Lowde. Many mentally ill women are left to languish in gaol because the system simply is not equipped to deal with them. The ‘special hospitals’ are designed to deal primarily with male offenders. The fact that the District Judge chose not to take psychiatric reports into account says more about the lack of care available for mentally ill women than it does about the state of Ms Lowde’s mental health. See, the personal really *is* political, even more often than *you’d* think.

BTW, if Ms Lowde doesn’t suffer from any kind of mental illness does that mean she has been libelled by the many bloggers who asserted that she was? And do you condone or condemn the prejudice they exhibited towards the mentally ill during the course of their ‘battle’ to bring Ms Lowde to ‘justice’. You may detach yourself from such comments but the fact that you failed to condemn them speaks volumes.

Impulse Buys

July 20, 2007

God preserve me from impulse buys on the way home from work while ever so slightly tipsy. I am a true shopoholic as sure as Sophie Kinsella’s heroine in her series of books Confessions of a Shopoholic. (and, no, I will never live this down. Me, the literary snob of the century reading sex ‘n’ shopping novels? I’m going to have to go into hiding for the rest of my life. I’m going to have to leave the country. Possibly even this galaxy I have come to know and love.) The purchases in question were Rachel North’s Out of the Tunnel and PC David Copperfield’s (not his real name, I’m assuming. Ooh, top of the class for observation.) Wasting Police Time. Anyways, (see the NYU touch there – I lived in NYU for a while and have never escaped from its influence). On the comments section of the publisher’s website site it was mentioned that one or two chain stores refused to carry the title (Hmmm….One wouldn’t be B*rd*rs, by any chance? I briefly worked there and they did seem particularly hostile to independent booksellers – note, this is an observation , not necessarily a fact – the clue lies in the word ‘seem’.)

Anyway, I don’t think either book will make happy reading – not something that does a great deal for me anyway – as a friend said ‘this is reality and you’d better rub your own nose in it before someone comes along and, without warning, does it for you’. Whatever, they’re bound to be superior to Dave Pelzer and all his clones.

Oh, yeah, and if I don’t like either book, I say so, None of that ‘sycophancy’ nonsense for me. I’ll just recycle them as Christmas presents for my darling mother. She likes ‘autobiographies’. So I’ve got to avoid snapping the spines of either of them. Or maybe I’ll just recycle them. Ding, dong, the bitch is back!

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