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Treachery, Treason and Self Enrichment

December 23, 2012

Only the Üntermenschen Take Psychotropic Drugs. The Übermenschen Get ECT.


Is that so? People of all ages tend to be pretty compliant when they are unconscious.

Some people expect personal loyalty from others. Crazy, huh?

Shoot the Foot Soldiers But Leave Those Generals Alone. Kind of cowardly, if you ask me.

We Are Doomed

December 6, 2012

Is it the fault of politics?


The legal profession, as some latter day witchfinders would have us believe?

Sorry, nope


Probably: ‘Psychiatry is probably the single most destructive force that has affected American Society within the last fifty years,” Dr Thomas Szasz, Lifetime Fellow, American Psychiatric Association (APA).


New Med Regime:

June 10, 2008


Every morning and every evening without fail. I can feel them rattling around inside me. A pill for every ill. To sleep, to wake, to eat, to starve, to live, to die. They sustain me. They keep me here. Sometimes I just. want. to. stop. Somebody pull the plug. Please. I am being infused by a slow acting poison.
I have been asked to do a reading at a ‘Free Tibet’ concert later this month. Heaven knows why. People are strange.
Yours Truly, the Queen of the Non-Sequitur.

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