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May 12, 2008

Your history resides in my bones
It runs through my veins
In my stark and skeletal remains
You left without ceremony
And then you return
Bringing home your knotted laundry
Suddenly, so alien to me
With your calcium enriched bones
Unhealthily healthy
Your armour repels me

You trouble me and I am effaced
Frozen out of your entanglements
A new worldliness
Has welded itself to you
We gape and then embrace
We watch one another
You, still hostile as a cactus
Me, skittish, nightmarish
I am terrified of this new you
You Changeling Child

You took all the love from me
And then you pass on the baton
You open your hand. It is empty
You have brought no gift for me
Peel off your layers, I beg
But you refuse
You were my refuge
Your claws left scars
But you are unmarked
Lucky boy

The Queen and the Great Revolution

September 28, 2007

Little empires crumbled
Miniature kingdoms toppled
As the princess became a queen
And men knelt, grovelling
At the feet of this new matriarch
She loved no one but herself
The peasants that lined the roads
Were but money-making machines
Fairy tale figures – Snow White,
Rose Red and Little Red Riding Hood
So pure, so soft, so good
To be trodden underfoot

They threw flowers at the motorcade
A rainstorm of roses aimed at that princess
Her feelings were suppressed
By vodka, vodka, vodka
‘She is an angel,’ they said
But that was long before
The Great Revolution
When this new Queen dreamed
Of cutting out the tongues
Of rabid republicans
Now she is still the centre of attention
She is still the star of the show.

But she is not adored anymore
And up in that dock she can smell
Her own blood, her own death
And those who once revelled in her grace
Will dance jubilantly,
Madly, on her grave.

Scully & Moi

July 22, 2007

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