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Calm Down, Dear,

May 9, 2008

…it’s only the Daily Freaking Mail

Apparently, it’s a ‘Sad reflection of what women are like in modern society’. So, three women interviewed by some half witted Daily Mail journalist are regarded as representatives of the whole of womankind? And since when were women clones of one another? I guess some people find it hard to cope with the idea that women are *complex individuals*(1). Does relying on crass generalisations to inform one’s worldview make life more easily navigable? Maybe, but I would imagine it renders one’s existence somewhat tedious. You don’t have to bother getting to know other people because you think you know all about them already and that doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

And, remember this: If you tolerate this then your blogs will be next, will be next, will be next.

Finally, I don’t know why the interviewees were shocked at the absence of fairness and balance in this story.  Frankly, I would have been shocked if a daily mail journalist were to write a fair and balanced piece.  In short, they suck.  Always have.  Always will.  Live with it and go scurrying in the opposite direction whenever you catch the slightest glimpse of a Daily Mail journalist

Warning: Some vulgarity
Which is not worthy of me:

TIP: The Daily Mail is strong and very absorbent meaning that it doubles up as extra toilet paper.

(1) And certain women should remember that this applies to men too.  Misandry is just as unpleasant as misogyny.

Oh Dear

July 26, 2007

Page 171:

‘I always know I’m in a council property because:

a) They have a kind of fuggy, overpowering warmth that you only get if you’re not paying the heating bill; and
b) there’s always a massive plasma TV in the corner of the room with SKY+ always on’

Of course, it’s a well known fact that all council tenants are clones of one another and so are their houses, unlike the sophisticated middle Englanders PC Copperfield seems to identify with and respect. A full review of PC Copperfield’s (PC? Haven’t you made it to sergeant yet?) little effort will grace these pages soon.

Verdict so far: Theodore Dalrymple without the extensive vocabulary.

Software of the Week: Artrage.

Online To Do list of the Week: Remember the Milk

Also check out 37 Signals Tada

Breaking News: BellaCat is unwell. The vet will make a home visiit tomorrow. I dread losing her – she is 17. Old for a cat but too young for me. And still no news about my father only that he is in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes having lost a quarter of his body weight. He is 62. Still young in the eyes of many. Something or someone has unleashed the fury of a tropical storm.

I feel compelled to add that this cast is not listed in order of importance but rather in order of appearance.

Spin, Spin, Spin

July 22, 2007

Any coincidence that this blogger and every daily mail reviewer are gushing, simply gushing over the latest Harry Potter? Mutual mirrors – 100% Spin, 0% Substance.

And no, I’m not an old misery who doesn’t appreciate magic – as I said The Worst Witch totally rocks. Go Mildred! I’m off to reread The Magic Faraway Tree.

I tend to be able to detach myself from all this mass hysteria. It’s like everyone’s been swept away by some tsunami and I am left stranded on the shore. Kind of scary. By the way, I didn’t really ‘get’ the ‘Diana’ thing either. I know – I must have a heart of granite. Even the priest in the confessional expressed astonishment when I told him that. ‘B…b..but she’s a saint,’* he spluttered. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it the rest of the world?

*Just kidding.

OMGWTF? My neighbour, Doug, bought me a copy of Deathly Hallows. I guess I’ll have to read it then.

Grammar Schools: the Sequel

May 30, 2007

Y’know, I’m no great Daily Mail enthusiast but I think this columnist is right on the money. That’s an old, old policy to which he is referring. The Tories were in power for eighteen years and, while they made all the right noises, they did very little at parliamentary level to actively support Grammar (note the spelling) schools. And before other forumites protest that they were stymied at every turn by Labour-controlled local authorities, you may care to remember that this was also the case with the Right to Buy policy (council housing) and the reforms of the NHS. Labour local authorities opposed them on ideological grounds at every turn yet the Tories managed to steamroller their policies through. One might ask why they failed to do this with Grammar schools.

Maybe it’s because Grammar schools weren’t so high on their list of priorities, after all.

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