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On The Acquisition of Knowledge (And, If You’re Lucky, a Smidgeon of Wisdom)

January 31, 2013


In response to this:

A poster called Joe Young asks: ‘Can you really take every class at MIT and Yale online? How much does that cost?’

He gets a rather good response:’It’s free. Check out MIT’s OpenCourseWare, and Open Yale Courses’

An anonymous poster whines:’Nobody knows who that is.’
At this point I raise my eyes heavenward and type the following: ‘Try looking at your iTunes.  (Winston Churchill’s speeches are on there too).’

When Margaret Thatcher entered Downing Street in 1979 a journalist asked a rather obvious question: ‘How does it feel to be the first female prime minister in Downing Street?’

After pointing out that she had no other basis for comparison, Margaret Thatcher alerted the journalist to the fact that she was also the first science graduate in Downing Street. Her predecessors had mostly been humanities graduates.

The only cure for ignorance is knowledge and generally it doesn’t come to find you. You have to seek it out.

Is it worth commenting on the fact that there are many great historical figures who never graduated from university? Orwell was one of them. They didn’t think he was bright enough to attend. Imagine that? Methinks that maybe they weren’t bright enough for him.

Is Chivalry Dead?

January 22, 2012

Elephant in the Centre of the Room

November 11, 2011

Some random person: ‘Why aren’t you in sheltered accommodation?’

Moi:’Did you spend the ‘eighties hiding under a rock, or on an extended holiday on some distant, undiscovered planet?

Jump off a roof

May 27, 2010

I would really appreciate some feedback.  My stats are reasonable but I get no feed back.  No one leaves comments.  Could you please leave comments? Why did they lie about my being able to write well?

maybe you’d like to take a look at this:

Scroll down:  His response to a comment (in italics) and my response to his:

However, it is still a human tragedy when any individual is driven to suicide or overdoses. Granted humanity probably hasn’t lost any potential nobel prize winners but I still find it very tragic.

How could you possibly know that? Ever heard of Ernest Hemingway? I live in a university town and psychiatric break downs are common. Some of these highly intelligent people are driven to suicide. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

And this blog was awarded the Orwell Prize.
Suggested reading: The Savage God by A. Alvarez.

From a Friend

May 17, 2008


blood_on_your_hands_by_bellarie1The time to worry is not when others have high expectations of you but when they have no expectations of you at all.

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