Hello Darkness My Old Friend


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Fear feels like a rodent nibbling at the edges.  I cannot adequately convey just how terrified I am.  I live my life alone. This may sound ever so slightly self indulgent and for that I apologize.  Count your blessings, people say.  You have your physical health. You do not live in a war zone.  You are better off than ninety five per cent of the planet.  You are surrounded by people who care about what happens to you.  And I cannot argue with these people because they are right.  Some even say that if I pushed myself I would have a lot to offer.  I laugh in their faces.

I am on the edge of night and I don’t think anyone can save me.  I am engulfed by darkness.  I am about to step into the abyss.



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  1. Miriam Says:

    I couldn’t quite bring myself to press like. But I want to reach out and tell you that you’re not alone. And give you a hug. I hope you have someone nearby. Put on some music, step outside and take a walk. Smile and maybe it will become real.

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