At Large

It seems that our favourite doctor-patriot is at large again, this time on the Daily Express:

‘Unfortunately, English national identity became associated with beer-gutted, T-shirt-wearing, foreigner-hating, shaven-headed football hooligans who chanted Ingerland, Ingerland! while the national football team was playing and generally losing.’

Really, Theo?   In whose mind?  In your own mind?  I think you may be projecting again.  Doesn’t therapy help with that?

And isn’t this what you once aspired to:

‘As a boy, I went to a lot of football matches and was enthusiastic about them in a way that I now find very difficult to understand. Anyhow, there was a cup match which I deemed it of supreme importance that I should attend, and as the tickets went on sale well in advance, I took myself off to the stadium and joined a very long queue. I was about eleven years old at the time.’

What’s wrong, Theo?  Did they reject you?  It might be time to get over it. Resentment is toxic, remember?

Addendum: ‘A bad doctor nearly always blames his patients.’

My G.P.

Oh, and another thing: the only thing decaying round here is you, you foolish, vengeful, embittered old man.


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5 Responses to “At Large”

  1. Toby Says:

    O leave the poor old man alone.


  2. sophia Says:

    Glad that the 140 billion gift to Osborne’s banking chums, hasn’t interrupted your favourite hobby.


  3. Louise Says:

    Yes, I can see why the abuse, mockery and exploitation of mental patients must seem trivial in the grand scheme of things.


  4. Maji Marine Says:

    The one person you should be able to trust – your shrink.


  5. Lola Says:

    Shrink wrapped.


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