The Baby Boomers Speak

Or should that be ‘The Baby Boomers Squeak’? The lilly livered baby boomer (could that be a tautology?) who rules over the domain to which I have linked, refused to publish this.

Peter Hitchens on fellow Baby Boomer, the infamous Dr Anthony Daniels: warning: linking to the Daily Heil:

‘ I rather think not. On the contrary, as Anthony Daniels has argued, (Note no source provided. Come on, Peter, A’level students can do better than this) in a society where fidelity is far from being the norm, jealous men are much readier to use violence to enforce it than they used to be. Given that children are so much better off in stable marriages, and that the outcome for women in this case is not that different (and may well be better for married women than unmarried ones – I await reliable facts) there isn’t even much of a dilemma.’

I would not look to Dr Daniels for any form of reliable social commentary. He once lived in a fantasy slum. He claims one of Birmingham’s major psych hospitals is located in a slum, that all of his patients were members of the ‘underclass’ and he conflates the two separate institutions he worked for – a prison and a psychiatric hospital. I’m not sure what motivates him, maybe just plain old self-aggrandizement.

There is an eating disorders unit in his hospital. These illnesses are more likely to affect middle class women than the so called underclass. I wonder if he could explain that one away.

Oh, and he is a psychiatrist and I was under the impression that you didn’t think much of that particular specialism.


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