More Make Believe…

‘It’s tragic for the mentally ill but the fact is that psychiatry does not attract the best minds in medicine.’

From my favourite, now defunct, NHS psychiatrist:

‘More than one patient in my medical career gave her profession as dominatrix. Some found their clients among the lower classes, and some among the upper. Those who flogged the lower orders tended to be older, smaller, weaker and less pretty; those who serviced the upper were beautiful in what might be called a strapping way.’

As if he himself is in a position to cast judgement on his patients’ aesthetic qualities. He clearly lives in a dimension devoid of mirrors:

Devastatingly handsome or is there something brutish about his countenance?

I can’t believe a ‘respectable’ broadsheet would publish this kind of obvious fantasy as fact.

A brute, a fantasist and a sadist – perfect qualifications for his specialism.

‘One even had an international clientele: she would travel the world to whip judges and other members of the local establishment or intelligentsia.’

Sure she did, Doctor. And why would she be seeing a NHS psychiatrist? My guess is that she was not the client.

Whatever floats your boat, Herr Doktor.

Addendum: And from a later article:

‘We are like children! We deserve no freedom! We must be beaten with truncheons!’

Whatever you say, Doctor.

I’m feeling slightly nauseated.

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5 Responses to “More Make Believe…”

  1. destroythequeen Says:

    I guess at least he didn’t say mental illness isn’t genetic like my last one did!


  2. Louise Says:

    NHS psychiatry really does attract some odd types.


  3. Physeptom8on Says:

    She saw an NHS psychiatrist because she was locked up for a serious criminal offence. You don’t get the choice of a day trip to Harley Street while up in Low Newton or Send, unfortunately.


  4. Louise Says:

    This is not mentioned in the article and while I’ve had moments in which I believed that I was psychic, my reading of that article did not occur during one of those moments.

    And if your assertion is true then that is a poor example to use if one is attempting to illustrate this:

    ‘The dominatrixes (or is it dominatrices?) who were my patients added to the pleasure of the world, and one of them even contributed to our balance of payments.’


  5. Physeptom8on Says:

    He wrote in a previous article in the New Criterion that the dominatrix who claimed she whipped judges and captains of industry was in prison, comparing her to prostitutes. I assume he speaks of the same one given all the details were the same.

    And as for the other less elite ones, they may not earn enough to see a private doctor, or more likely they may prefer to spend their money on other things.


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