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The clash of the mammoth egos:

Addendum: Go here


…for a portrait of a ‘slum hospital’.

Although would any semi-competent local health authority locate an eye clinic that serves most of the inhabitants of a major city in a slum? You decide.

“The Trust hosts the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre which is a supra-regional specialist facility, as well as the Pan-Birmingham Gynaecological Oncology Centre, Birmingham Skin Centre, Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre and regional base of the National Poisons Information Service.

Aside from being one of the largest providers of patient services in the Midlands, the Trust also has a substantial teaching and research agenda with several academic departments including rheumatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, gynaecological oncology and neurology.”

20 Responses to “Have You Seen…”

  1. warriet Says:

    asking again, how does Dalrymple get publicity rather than Section?


  2. Louise Says:

    His admirers call him ‘the greatest essayist of his generation’. Since when were vengeful, bitchy little vignettes called ‘essays’?

    I weep for the poverty of their expectations.


  3. warriet Says:

    his followers clearly lead a sheltered and uneducated life


    • Louise Says:

      To be fair that is not the impression I get. In the hagiographical article on Standpoint someone asked if anyone had ‘fact checked’ Dalrymple’s assertions. I responded by saying something like ‘you seem to be assuming that truth is what his acolytes are interested in.’

      I just think they deserve a worthier messiah.


      • Louise Says:

        Although they are undeniably strange.

        His latest effort is sub titled ‘The Death of Honesty’.

        The man is funny, I’ll give him that.


  4. Tulane Says:

    Our libel laws are crazy. Everyone knows that. Especially Russian oligarchs.


  5. John Says:

    Hi, I am from Australia.
    Yes despite having worked on the coal face of human suffering, one really wonders how Daniels is presumed to be an authority on the human situation altogether. And why does he keep such BAD (right-wing) company?
    I much prefer the assessment of the state of the world and how we got to here as presented in these references.
    Politics & culture
    http://www.beezone.com/coopdoub.htm written in the 70’s

    Art & Culture


    • Louise Says:

      ‘And why does he keep such BAD (right-wing) company?’

      I wasn’t aware that he did but could it be…

      …because Daddy was a slightly mad, tyrannical business man who suffered from delusions of Communism?

      Consequently, the Good Doctor suffers from Delusions of Omniscience and his followers suffer from Delusions of Omniscience by Proxy.

      And, all along, the lunatic really was running the asylum.

      A lunatic who evidently failed to grasp the very basics of psychiatry. Or even the simple notion that if you are on a mental ward then its patients are highly likely to be…well, mental.


  6. Damo Says:

    ‘His admirers call him ‘the greatest essayist of his generation’. Since when were vengeful, bitchy little vignettes called ‘essays’?’

    Why don’t you tell us?

    Merry Christmas BTW.


  7. Clinton Says:

    Is this a “vengeful, bitchy little vignette”?


    Is this?


    Or this?



    • Louise Says:

      Thank you for taking the trouble to post those links.

      My goodness, where do I start?

      ‘Gooseberries’. What a ruthlessly ugly, unsympathetic portrait the good doctor paints of his father.

      ‘my father ran a business that hovered in that large area between success and failure’

      A business that little Anthony indirectly relied upon to put food on the table. What an ingrate.

      And the mockery of a man who served his country. What’s that all about?


  8. Chernobyl pictures Says:

    how do i do this


  9. Louise Says:

    I had something like this:
    http://www.city-journal.org/html/8_1_oh_to_be.html in mind. I wonder if his patients know that they have been quoted in this publication. (if, that is, they existed at all and are not products of the good doctor’s very fertile imagination.) Maybe someone ought to tell them.

    As I’ve already said: he’s the moral equivalent of the tour guide in Bedlam.

    Is all this designed to make those of a certain nationality feel better about themselves? I guess if Doc D. did not exist then somebody would have to invent him.


  10. Melissa Cox Avery Says:

    Can those guys look any more like a park bench winos?


  11. Damo Says:

    Loiuse, thanks for the city journal article. It was an excellent read.


  12. Louise Says:

    Much to entertain, little to admire.


  13. Isaac Oakman Uzertader Says:

    The good doctor wrote “Gary Brecher at War Nerd has a post thatâ€� s lengthy but well worth reading in full.


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