The odour of death made me cry out loud,
the breath of the tomb
The rancid blood of the womb.
These were the disasters of revolutionary times,
of unfamiliar climes, of endless night,
For these are the inhabitants of the slums,
they are not like you and me.
A hollow hope sustains them.
And our pity demeans them

We judge them collectively from afar.
There is no singularity here.
We do not approach them directly.
We have never even met them
They are vermin, sewer rats.
We return to our townhouses,
our cars, our children, our lives
Enfeebled, simple common place facts
which do not make it into history books
or dry academic texts.


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  1. rAIYs Says:

    This is a fantastic article! our lady of guadalupe


  2. svchost.exe Says:

    cool story bro


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