Evidence Based Medicine

They were just foot soldiers.

The dragnet effect. Collective guilt.

Are cherry picking and over extrapolation now acceptable in medical research (particularly psychiatry)?

There is only one thing worse that being devoid of admirers and that is being replete with admirers who are seriously dim.

Remember this:

‘The plural of anecdote is not data.’

Ben Goldacre.

‘The most dangerous words in medicine are ‘In my experience…”


‘If in doubt blame the nurses’

Doctor Incompetence.

What diagnosis would I give: ‘delusions of omniscience by proxy.’

And finally:

‘Nullius in verba’.

4 Responses to “Evidence Based Medicine”

  1. Thea Says:

    Did you know about this: In March 1997, BHHRG member Anthony Daniels wrote an article for the Sunday Telegraph: “The Media Back the Communists as Usual”, in which he claimed that British journalists Miranda Vickers and James Pettifer, were “supporters of the former Stalinist regime of the late Enver Hoxha”, the former communist dictator of Albania. They sued the paper for libel and settled out of court, with the Telegraph paying £10,000 to each and printing an apology.


  2. Louise Says:

    Yes. I had heard this. But given that our libel laws appear to be in a mess at the moment, I am reserving judgement.


  3. SHO Says:

    If you are really interested in this topic, then I would recommend:

    How to Read a Paper: The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine (HOW – How To) [Kindle Edition]
    Trisha Greenhalgh (Author)

    Good luck


  4. Clare Says:

    You need to build on this framework.


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