The Gospel According to:

The utterly charming Theodore Dalrymple:

‘Well you see rather vicious looking people who obviously are angry about something, their anger is misplaced, but nevertheless they’re angry. They look vicious, they look as if they would be ready to stick a knife in you if you crossed them in any way or displeased them in anyway.’

I can empathise. I’ve often felt like this, usually just before I am sectioned under the mental health act.


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3 Responses to “The Gospel According to:”

  1. warriet Says:

    Theodore Dalrymple has that effect on many


  2. May Contain Nuts Says:

    What? You feel like someone’s about to stab you or that you will stab someone?


  3. Philippa Says:

    In a world of pure justice ( the quack’s favorite expression) old Dull Rumple would have been struck off a long time ago.


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