This World Is Not My Home

So I wander the world looking for a home looking for a place I will belong.  Maybe I’ll never find it.  Maybe an angel really did make a clerical error.  But the reality is that I am here now and I have to deal with it. This is my world.  At the moment I have no other.  Will I have a cardiac arrest tonight?  My heart pounds.  What damage have I inflicted upon my own body and why?

I am surrounded by Shark infested waters?  And maybe I am one of those people who do not belong and probably never will.  Perhaps they have no desire to belong.  Perhaps they cherish their outsider status.  Perhaps they are an essential tool for those who do belong.  Without outsiders there are no insiders.  They rely on us to consolidate their own position.  We are essential to their status and their survival.  They should thank us really.  They should throw parties in our honour.  But they won’t because they are a bunch of ingrates.


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  1. sanabituranima Says:



  2. warriet Says:

    We all belong! Not holding my breath for a party invite: the ingrates do tend to forget…


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