“Small Publisher” (think small and you may stay small) Monday Books comments on the decline in sales of their ‘real’ books and the corresponding increase in sales of the ‘e book’. If you will permit me, I think I shall indulge in a little hyperbole here: this, I believe is a sign of the decline of civilisation as we know it. As a former librarian and bookseller it pains me to imagine a world devoid of books. As Frazer in Dad’s Army informs us in almost every episode ‘We’re doomed, I tell ye, dooooomed’. Family libraries should be made compulsory, ‘literacy hours’ should be held at the barrel of the gun. It’s the only way to save that endangered species: the faithful old book. We must not betray it now.

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4 Responses to “Dooooomed”

  1. Pandora Says:

    Although I must admit to finding eBooks handy and, indeed, I own a Kindle, I do agree with you. Nothing can replace the simple, unrefined but real joy that holding and being immersed in an actual paper book brings. To think of a future that lacks that is horrific.


  2. Tao Says:

    It is also seems to be true that the relative demise of the live storyteller in our “culture”, is too to be lamented. If only writers who spoke their own words, live in the flesh, captured more interest, then less doomed we could be.


  3. auto-ru Says:

    Thanks – where is article source?


  4. Hammy Havoc Says:

    I think that the ebook is a huge step forward and I welcome it with open arms. People need to keep up with the times.


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