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I’m sure Dr Dalrymple (aka Dr Anthony Daniels, former NHS psychiatrist) is flattered by your rather gushing praise. However, it would have been more rooted in sincerity if you had taken the trouble to equip yourself with a few salient facts about the good doctor first. Firstly, while he worked in a prison for two afternoons a week, he spent most of his working life in a Birmingham psychiatric hospital in which he was not ‘working with the poorest of the poor’, he was working with the mentally ill, and simultaneously holding them up to ridicule by the readership of The Spectator. He has stated that the reason he chose psychiatry as his medical specialism was because he wanted to ‘plumb the depths of human folly’ and has implied that he does not believe in the existence of mental illness. I’m having difficulty seeing how any of these things helped ‘the poorest of the poor’. Perhaps you could enlighten me.


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  1. warriet Says:

    Katharine Birbalsingh seems to be using the Daily Telegraph for the same sort of self/book promotion as Daniels uses the media. She does not appear to be over-encumbered with facts. I don’t except you to get any sort of reply to your very reasonable post: as a jobless ex-teacher, Katharine Birbalsingh is probably far too busy job hunting to have time for lesser mortals’ blogs…


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