New Consultant

I saw my new consultant psychiatrist for the first time yesterday. There is to be a change in my medication. I am to be prescribed an atypical anti-psychotic called Quetiapin. But not until my GP has returned from holiday. I told her about Dalrymple, about the lies he is disseminating. She told me that she had trained in the same hospital as Anthony Daniels and she doesn’t recognise the picture he paints. Pure and unvarnished truth, my derriere. She cannot understand why it upsets me so much. ‘It doesn’t make any difference to what we do here, to the way in which we treat our patients.’

‘But don’t you see, he speaks at the Tory party conference. That means he could influence policy’. Much of what he says cannot be true of course because that would render psychiatry itself obsolete.

And this is the cause to which he has devoted the latter part of his working life. When he could
have been doing something useful such as brain surgery. Or maybe he couldn’t and that’s the whole point, isn’t it.


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  1. warriet Says:

    good luck with the Quetiapin (aka Seroquel it is certainly albeit slowly doing the business for me (send me an e-mail if you want more detail about how come I eventually got to Quetiapin)
    Of course she doesn’t recognise the picture he paints, the man writes fiction for a specific market that seeks reinforcement of its ignorance of mental health. I can see why it might upset you and my only suggestion is that he continues to be exposed as a nutter in the same category as Nadine Dorries. Unfortunately he is a good speaker which is why he was chosen for the Tory party conference – happily party conferences tend to be more about reaching the loyal and pre-prejudiced members than actually setting policy…


  2. Ethel Says:

    You certainly feel strongly about him. It looks like an obsession to me.


  3. sanabituranima Says:

    *hugs* I hope quietapine helps.


  4. warriet Says:

    one word e-mail just sent to your gmail address


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