Off To Sea

Courtship is a chore for you
You do not care for the chase
Why are you still unmarried, they say
It does not occur to them
That you prefer it that way

For you are so strikingly handsome
But this is your narrative
This is your history
You declare you are off to sea
You are to join the merchant navy

And you determine that it will be
A momentous voyage of discovery
And your future is sacrificed
To this single objective
You are enslaved to wanderlust

And although romance does not appeal
You are pursued by the harlot, the strumpet,
The shrew. Willingly devoid of a sweetheart
You poke at the embers of a dying fire
And, even in sleep they torment you

Those silent shadows stalk you
From sunup to sundown
Will they ever leave you be?
And, at the moment of your departure
They step silently out of the frame

A smiling sailor sends pictures home
The rigging forms a membrane
And the fierce sea shelters you
And at each hiss, at each roar
Your spirit swells, your spirit soars

The ragged rocks of nightmare
Only serve to strengthen your resolve
For you have comrades now
And together you thrive, you strive
To keep the chaos at bay

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