Full Frontal Lobotomy

There is something that transcends
Smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing
Some call it the soul, some the spirit
This extra sense is gifted to the few

And those men dressed in lab coats
Strap me to a starched white bed
Lay a cold compress on my head
And I inhale anaesthetic crystals

Suddenly I am somewhere else
This will be my alibi for I
Am not there to observe
The lab coated ones scrub in

I do not see these lab-coated men
Make their delicate incisions
They slice through skin and bone
They access my brain

They sew me up and the nurses
Wipe the blood from my shaven head
And then they leave me for they say
I will sleep for a good while yet

I awake. Someone has scrubbed
My mind clean and I am certain
That I am missing an essential part of me
They performed a full frontal lobotomy


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