Going Away

I did not react when told me you were going away
You abandoned our insolvent company
Some called it a marriage, we called it expediency
You could not live with me and my toxicity
There is little more for me to say
You purchased two plane tickets on that same day

Ours is a much derided epic
I dread the dimness of ominous tomorrows.
The dog pines, whines and he searches for you
It is almost as if he knew. I tell myself
That you are worth little to me now
That the shekels have all drained away

And before you departed you paused
To lick the leftover ice-cream.
To pick the plate clean
That was so typical of you
Liberated from the burden of familiarity
You board the plane that will carry you across the sea

To some distant country
For you had prophesied so confidently
That your voyage would be brimming over
With brilliance, watercolour birds and butterflies
A long way from the caprice of unstable elements
You did not anticipate the turbulence

The occasional tumult no man can rein in
It hurled the plane out of the sky
And you and your new lover
Descend into the sea
The ravenous waters suck you down
And then you drown


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