My Blind Guide

You were my blind guide. Pure gold
And bold as the sky fades to grey
Rivulets of hot mental run down your face
And I feel invincible too

The promise of delicious friendship
I pursue it but I am not fast enough
The doors are shut against me
The waves gush forth to greet me

I would not let you in so I lost you
My door remained locked. I should have thrown
It open. You never got close enough
For all your bravery, you could never conquer me

I was the one who made it rain
I was the one who would not be tamed
Angel Face too good for life
And your brutality. You said you loved me

The heart wastes no time. It empties itself
Your shadow expands in the morning
I enter your garden, I gather your roses
Without permission and each thorn

Embeds itself beneath my skin
Newly dug soil. I lost my faith
I buried it there and I still believe it was stolen
From me. Dreams ruptured by reality


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One Response to “My Blind Guide”

  1. David Says:

    Yep, reality can be such a bummer sometimes 😦


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