The storm forces
its way onto the horizon
The elements are integrated.
We have been segregated
Shades forever changing
According to the shape of my history
And every doctor who treats me
Tasks himself with unravelling my mystery
And so I greet them with my eyes wide,
my mouth agape and disbelief and fear
Arise beyond imagining.
Eyes squeezed shut
as the storm passes over me
We wait.

Watching as the dark wrestles with the light
and the shrinks perform their magic,
as they force the sun to snatch the night away
Everything becomes bearable. Eventually.


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4 Responses to “Storm”

  1. Kellie Elmore Says:

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  2. warriet Says:

    eventually 🙂


  3. sanabituranima Says:

    Yes, eventually.


  4. Louise Says:

    Thank you Kellie. I’ll check it out. And thank you Warriet and Sanabituanima for responding.


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