I Don’t Want to be Here

Too ugly, too stupid, too hateful to live.  Monstrous.  No Future.  Sleep.


9 Responses to “I Don’t Want to be Here”

  1. sanabituranima Says:



  2. monkeystreehouse Says:

    your attractive (i think) , stupid ( i don’t think),too hateful (surely not). the future (who knows) , sleep (why not ) .


  3. BP 25/7 Says:

    You are wrong on every count.


  4. Pandora Says:

    No no no. Not the case at all. *massive hugs* x


  5. cadambrowitz Says:

    You know dear I love the duality to this world.

    One can look at a forest fire, and say what a waste. The fire killed everything and this will impact the future negatively.

    Another can look at a forest fire, and say what what renewal, the burnt tree will enrich the earth and provide for a stronger forest. A strong forest that will provide food and shield for the future.

    So the point being there is always another side to your day.


  6. massivefluff Says:

    imho these words could describe the gideon bibble (george osborne to anyone else), but don’t apply to yourself.


  7. Louise Says:

    *hugs* to all who responded. sorry to be so melodramatic/ drama queen-esque demeanor.


  8. monkeystreehouse Says:

    if you wish to be drama queenesque ,go ahead. you are , after all , queen of this demsne and may use as you see fit . hugs back at you with a back rub thrown in xxxx


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