Catholic nuns take a vow of poverty.  The nuns who taught me in primary school were no exception.  It is a semblance of poverty if we are honest; they did not face starvation and there was always plenty for them to eat.  However, it gave them an air of detachment from the material world.  They were located firmly in the realm of the spiritual.  You could present them with the most precious diamond in the world and they would remain unmoved.  Money was not their driving force and I envy them that.  They are as close to God as one can get.  They are replete, complete, self-sufficient.  The slender threads that pass through the eye of the needle.

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  1. Phil Groom Says:

    … and perhaps, I dare to hope, as their threads pass through the eye of that needle, as the weaver weaves, our threads too are taken up with theirs to become a part of the tapestry… I know a few nuns … I know some for whom it didn’t work out and they left … but sometimes I’m sure it’s their prayers that have carried me…


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