Hide and Seek

The medicine cabinet is the altar
Upon which I will be sacrificed
Now playing hide and seek
The game commences………..

‘Coming ready or not!’ the doctor screams
As he prepares to invade my dreams
‘Coming ready or not!’ the doctor cries
As he prepares to dissect my lies

‘Oh, Doctor, I am
Not awed by you
Punished for this
I see, I see
You seeking me

Oh, Doctor, you have
Declared war on me
I will be a fatality
I hear, I hear the incantation
You chant as you move to the rhythm
Of the battle dance

(And slowly it invades
The voice to halt all voices
The tranquillising pill)

Within my body
I hear a fire starting
A door slams behind me
The door to the universe
Remains unopened
The word, so perverse
Remains unspoken

As the you begin to reassemble me,
Celebrating a hard won victory
Over and over, these words emerge from me
‘Over and over, I have been violated by your foot soldiers’
Over and over, your ears close against me
Then you turn, you hiss and spit
You say, ‘In the sixteenth century
You’d have been burnt as a witch’

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2 Responses to “Hide and Seek”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Beautiful post. Keep up the good work. xoxx


  2. 601fiend Says:

    hope and change


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