Time Defied

One year out of every ten
The smiling moon eyes me

As I embark on a odyssey
Fleeing from the relics the centuries vomit

From the ashes of the ancients
That litter the shore

I cut my feet on the pebble beach
As I run towards the sea

I sail away with the ships in the harbour
Catching the tide as it comes in

At one with the waves; without substance
Disintegrating and dissolving

Time Triumphing

Last year’s beauty
This year’s sackcloth wearing whore

Some great sow smashing coffee cups
Flashing a rotten-toothed grin

Watched by a hunched black cat
A contemplative carnivore

Devoid of colour
Time – creeping and corrosive

Renders me waxen, wrinkled
Salt water washing over stone.

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One Response to “Time”

  1. Darius Says:

    These tree photographs are beautiful. They really capture the mood of the season.


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