Suffused by Silence

Sipping Red Wine

Sipping red wine
Suffused by silence
Her serenity belies
An imperfect Sunday
She wanders through
Her babies rooms
How did they die
So quickly. She sees
Dead dolls with eyes
Of lavender, protruding
From their sockets
All lined up with
Disembowelled teddy bears
Her offspring are not in Paradise
‘Heaven is for fools,’ she cries


Remnants of the past remain
In the stillness of this country. A once pleasant
Landscape. Hardly any spark of life here
We march through the leaves of Autumn
That choke up the hills, that smother the streets

In my mind this desolation
Is personified. The body of an old dictator
Hanging from a lamppost and big, black dogs
Dripping saliva through gnashing teeth
As they snarl, you back away

‘Never show your fear,’ I cry
I am one step away from becoming
A card-carrying member of the human race
I crouch down, leap upwards and then I fly
I savour the emptiness of that black sky


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