Mona’s Ghost

Did you think I was Mona’s ghost?
I ask the shadows. Hiding in closets
In the cracks in the ceiling
Trapped between panes of glass
The cat runs from those invisible demons
With a sudden, startled yowl
The ghost has trodden on her tail
The scent of violet
Mingled with the musty stench
Of the old woman
Who lived here before me

Mona’s ghost walks
From room to room
Scattering petals as she goes
Will I ever be rid of her?
No, because she is not the woman
Who lived here before me
Because, quite simply, she is me
And she always will be
Until I am plucked from this planet
Suddenly. brutally, unceremoniously
But not all together mercilessly


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  1. Somebody Call Security Says:

    Creepy, is there a novel in that?


  2. weight Says:



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