Bellowing Back Again

Bellowing Back Again

You force feed me moonshine
And make me quite psychotic
I close my eyes and
Everything around evaporates
I raise my lids and see
A renewed landscape

And dictatorial darkness
Plunges right in
And charms me
Onto the rack
And once again
The heavens fall

Then I expand
And forget your fame
And springtimes arrives
Just the same
And you attack
You bellow back again

The Void That Remains

The arena of the disabused
Hunting without hounds

Deluged, intensity surges
To the spot. The blood

Of this redundant body
Is drained and within the void

That remains the air hisses
And the ocean gyrates

The overarching sky
Is an emblem of destiny

Grovelling to the Gods
My soul is saved

The sea slithers back
The look glass is congealed.


No feud is enough to keep me from you
I brave the barricades and the border guards
And you appear so near now. I journey
Through memories in dark and restless sleep
A bleak borderland, a stark, dry terrain
Where suicidal strangers meet.

We dwell within the ancient walls
Of a forgotten country, scorched and frozen,
By turns; haunted by a history of hatred
A decimated island on which matchstick
Children stand, tormented by the sun
And praying for death.

This is a vulnerable state, on the edge of hell
Sandwiched between two superpowers
Clinging to an impossible peace
And all around there are pillars of salt,
Crumbling statues of fleeing citizens
Who dared to look back.

The father says, ‘Son, take this gun’
And sends his progeny off to war
And he carves curses upon stone
Primitive and inglorious
Hit by one calamity after another
We are all crazy here.

Faces in Newspapers

Faces in newspapers. Cardboard people on paper planets,
Beating their fists against the glass, perpetually on display.
Unapproachable, untouchable – Monochrome mannequins

They revolve before us like minuscule ballerinas in music boxes.
They perform for us and we do our best to shut them out
But they pound, pound, pound on our door. They kick it in

And burst through our brains and there they remain
Shreds of them inside us, reduced to newsprint on light switches
We define them and then we dismember them.

Stitch by Stitch

I unpick myself – stitch by stitch
And I devolve into an uncomplicated
Ball of wool for giant kittens to play with
Like the leaves that fall and hover for a moment
Just above the ground before being crushed
Beneath the feet of clumsy and ungainly beings.

Immortality is snatched from me,
Daily disintegrating; metamorphosing
Into a shadowy spirit. I am knotted,
Tangled, caught between four walls
As I rise, as I float in the stillness
Of my parents’ smoke filled home.

Still crying – these tears are welded to me
I am a swan caught by an angler’s hook
Trapped within a family – like fish
We swim collectively. The lake is devious
Not shallow, after all, but deep,
Deep enough to drown in.

A City at Night

No birds remain here
They have taken flight
For there is no place on earth
More lonely than a city at night.
When all doors are shut against me
And here I stand, hunched
Beneath the fury of the midnight rain
Soaked to the bone, the wind
Gorges itself on my flesh and the elements
Show nothing but hostility

I meet the eyes of automobiles,
Watery headlights that shine
Through the darkness, wavering
As if tear filled. And at my feet
Black waters gather.
This terrain plays tricks on me
There is no trace of my shadow
And, as if enslaved by some
Desultory design, this dark city
Consumes me, slowly, limb by limb.

Stick Figure

My sister died and was idolized
For half a century. And now
It is her ghost that bleeds me white
I have pursued her for decades
A stick like figure she fades
Into the crowds on the street
The day darkens, horns blare
And the storm intensifies
She is a flickering, ephemeral being
As temporary as chalk on a pavement
Always vulnerable to the next rainfall

Around and around we go
Along the slender, twisting road
A shimmering black ribbon
Stretching out before us
Undulating and unforgiving
This route is familiar to me
She is a bone-dry tree
She has shed everything
In a self inflicted Blitzkrieg
We scramble over the rubble
Over the remnants of her life

As autumn is ushered in
She hides from me
As she hides from everyone
I cannot get near her
She keeps her contents secret
A china doll, softening,
Shrinking; melting into my life.


Your history resides in my bones
It runs through my veins,
In my stark and skeletal remains
You left without ceremony
And then you return
Bringing home your knotted laundry
Suddenly, an alien to me
With your calcium enriched bones
Unhealthily healthy
Your armour repels me.

You trouble me and I am effaced
Frozen out of your entanglements
A new worldliness
Has welded itself to you
We embrace and I gape
We watch one another,
You, as hostile as a cactus
Me, skittish; nightmarish
I am terrified of this new you,
You changeling child.

You took all the love from me
And then you passed along the batten
You open your hand. It is empty
You have brought no gift for me
Peel off your layers, I beg
But you refuse
You were my refuge
Your claws left scars
But you are unmarked
Lucky boy.


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  1. Jordon Litchens Says:

    Some of it is quite, y’know’ dark. Do you have anything lighter in you. It might make you feel better as well as the rest of us. and you may appeal to a wider audience.

    don’t be offended. i come in peace.


  2. weighty Says:

    trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name


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