Today, I is Reading…


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3 Responses to “Today, I is Reading…”

  1. James Says:

    Good choice. I re-read the tales of Sherlock Holmes recently, as it was free for the Kindle, having pre-dated the tragic era of perpetual copyright.


    • Louise Says:

      Sorry. Missed this. I am in two minds about the Kindle. Is it true that it has no backlight? Anyway, not quite the same thing but I got a bunch of free classical novels on my Ipod Touch. (Have we come down in the world?). I’ve just re-read ‘Pride and Prejudice. How is your Ipad?


  2. James Says:

    You’re right, the Kindle (and the Nook, and the Sony Reader) have no backlight — but they don’t need it unless you’re in a room so dark that you couldn’t read an old-school book either.

    I’ve no iPad, nor iPhone. I guess I could read books on my Nexus One phone, but the Kindle screen is so much better. I’ll replace it with a different e-reader, but not one with a backlit/LCD screen. e-paper is much easier on the eye.

    Have you read “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”? It’s around here somewhere, but I have a backlog of reading material that’ll keep me busy for a while yet.


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