Disturbed by the desolation
Angled, incongruous, always precarious
The sky is unrefined, wild
And we worship it
The natives of this land
Discuss pre-war delicacies
And split girders outline
Anticipation of crumbling granite

There is a kind of dignity
In this display, in this decay
Citadels collapse, entire epochs vanish
At this moment opulent arrangements
Of steel birds descend
Astounding winged instruments
That stretch the webbing
Of the etiquette that constrains the hurricane
With such ruin inflicted upon this destitute nation
There is no serene ritual to repair the annihilation


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2 Responses to “Desolation”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    As I read over this poem for the fourth time thinking about its imagery and underlying meaning…I am pleased with what I keep finding. Thanks,


  2. cadambrowitz Says:

    I loved this poem. I had very clear images within my head. I also enjoyed the flow of this piece, as you moved me to one image to the next. The word flow was nice too, kind of like singing. Clap Clap very enjoyable piece.


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